What is anodized titanium?

Titanium is a body friendly and easy-to-wear material, it’s lightweight and non-allergenic.

The colour on the jewellery is visible due to a carefully executed process of anodizing titanium where reflected light is seen as a colour of the object. Anodizing titanium is an electrochemical process where a thin transparent oxide layer is formed on the surface of the titanium. A phenomenon called light interference occurs – commonly seen as a colour spectrum on soap bubbles for example.

White light consists of colour light waves. The light reflects back from the surface of the titanium jewellery – some from the oxide layer, some from the titanium surface beneath. The reflected light waves interfere with each other, some wavelengths get reinforced, some cancelled out. Which colour wavelengths end up together depends on the thickness of the transparent oxide layer. So you end up seeing coloured light waves as the colour of the object.

There is no paint, no pigment, just light.

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