Lapel pins

Client: Arvo Pärt Centre


Client: Arvo Pärt Centre
Quantity: 130 pieces
Materials: composite stone, sterling silver / 925°
Technique: composite stone is CNC-cut, the setting is 3D-printed wax and cast silver.
Joined and finished by hand
Product photography: Marje Eelma, Tuumik Stuudio
Year: 2017

The lapel pins for the Arvo Pärt Centre feature the organisations logo engraved into a white translucent composite stone. The aim of the lapel pins was to introduce the organisation and its goals. They were presented to the guests and potential donors in several events featuring Arvo Pärt’s music. Tohuto aimed to make the lapel pins fit to the extraordinary environments they were presented in and suit the black ties they were to be worn with. The packaging design for the pins comes from the form of invites and concert tickets.

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